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HURCO Training (see tabs below for training schedules):
Monthly classes at World Headquarters in Indianapolis
✓ On-site training classes are available. To register or get more information please email: training@braunmachinery.com

HURCO Applications:
✓ CALL HURCO Applications: 1-800-634-2416
✓ Email HURCO Applications: applications@hurco.com

TRUMPF’s large training facility in their Farmington, CT manufacturing campus trains over 2000 students each year in their state-of-the-art training facilities.

Click here for link to TRUMPF’s training page.

Month Days Class
April 19-20 Lathe Intro
May 10-12 Mill Intro
July 11-12 Lathe Intro
July 19-21 Mill Intro
August 16-18 Mill Intro
September 11-12 Lathe Intro
September 20-22 Mill Intro
October 18-20 Mill Intro
November 15-17 Mill Intro
December 13-15 Mill Intro

Sign up for training by emailing us at: training@braunmachinery.com

Month Days Class
October 5-8 Mill Intro
October 12-16 UltiMax Mill
October 19-22 Lathe Intro
November 10-12 Mill Intro
November 23-24 UltiMax Mill
December 1-3 Mill Intro
December 15-17 Lathe Intro
January 5-7 Mill Intro
January 12-14 Lathe Intro
January 18-22 Intro/5-Axis Mill Combo
February 2-4 Mill Intro
February 9-11 lathe Intro
February 16-17 UltiMax Mill
March 1-3 Mill Intro
March 8-10 Lathe Intro
March 14-18 Intro/5-Axis Mill Combo
March 29-31 Mill Intro
April 5-7 Lathe Intro
April 26-28 Mill Intro
May 3-5 Lathe Intro
May 9-13 Intro/5-Axis Mill Combo
May 24-26 Mill Intro
June 1-2 UltiMax Mill
June 7-9 Lathe Intro
June 21-23 Mill Intro
July 12-14 Lathe Intro
July 18-22 Intro/5-Axis Mill Combo
July 26-28 Mill Intro
October 4-6 Mill Intro
October 11-13 Lathe Intro
October 17-21 Intro/5-Axis Mill Combo
October 25-26 UltiMax Mill

Sign up for training by emailing us at: training@braunmachinery.com

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